Reporting: It would be appreciated if you can log a support request or bug here because I've not got a hardware setup nor any equipment donated to test it with, fixes may take a while. Using the tracker, guarantees I will close your bug-request, e-mails got lost and forgotten. Other people can also see how your bug was or was not resolved, so the community benefits too.

Logging a request means you get a place in the queue, and it's my way of making order from chaos.  All you need is a hotmail/msn, google or other Open-ID account to log a request.
If you want a fix or feature in a hurry, please consider sponsoring this project first by donating.


If you want to try looking at the code yourself the C++ source code is download-able from the Subversion repository:
    svn co modrssim

This will build under Visual Studio 9 or
the older Version 6. 
If you wish to submit changes, I can give you repository edit rights, or you can email me just the modified files.
You are welcome to join this exciting open-source project as well, just use your SourceForge log in and click the join button.

C/C++ Questions :
Code Project and Code Guru are the main software development communities I use. Sign up, read the posting guidelines, search the FAQs and then ask in the forums, it's much quicker. While I love to help, I prefer to answer a question once where it can benefit others with the same issues rather than privately in email where the benefit is limited.