Job Wanted

Job-search over: I found work at the end of January, after the small company I worked for laid a lot of staff off, ironically someone bought them up at the same time as I got new work again. I made this nice advert below myself.

Contract has been filled now (Feb 2010-Jul 2010)

Job Wanted

Feb 2010

  • Contract started :-) @Citrix YAY!!!!!!!!!

November 2009

  • I am currently looking for work (contract/perm) as a C/C++ developer
  • Embedded or other Misssion-Critical roles have been my mainstay for 18 years across Win32, embedded gnu-Linux and Symbian/Nokia mobile.
  • I've picked up languages C#, VB, Perl, Bash, Pascal, COBOL,x86 asm, VBA/VBScript, JScript, LUA and touched a good few more.
  • I've used too many Technologies in-between Dual-port RAM and COM to list.
  • I have specialized in communications, and love hardware.
  • Based near Cambridge, in Cambridgeshire UK.
Conrad Braam,
4 Dec 2009, 04:34