Win32 Binaries

You can download Win32 binaries (and source code) here - No other platforms are supported, and the downloads are arranged with the newest at the bottom.

Download Binary  MSI Version   Date
 link (binary)
   V 8.01
 link (binary)
   V 8.02
 link (binary)
   V 8.06  
 link (binary)
   V 8.07
 link (binary)
   V 8.08
 link (binary)
   V 8.09
 link (binary)
   V8.11 (beta)
 link (binary)
   V8.12  01/11/2009
 link (binary)    V 8.13
 link (binary)    V 8.14
 link (binary)

 V 8.15 Release
 link (binary)

 V 8.16
 link (binary)

 V 8.17  18/04/2010
 link (binary)
   V 8.18
 link (binary)
   V 8.19
 link (binary) MSI Windows Installer  V 8.20
 Registration key
 Free unlock code
 You will want this file too, just download and execute
 to V 8.17
 Vista Reg key
 Free unlock code
 Updated free registration key (Vista/ Windows7)
 from V 8.18

Looking for the source-code? Click the SourceForge link on the left - SVN source access as well as 'freshest' Windows binaries.


Basically the program runs on Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows 2000, Windows XP (all versions), Vista and Windows 7.
  • Download the MSI (Microsoft software Installer) file from the second column, it's about 5Mb. The installer will download any additional libraries if you do not already have them, and prompt you for a program directory. Vista users will get a UAC or elevation prompt during installation. (MSI is not supported for Windows 95/98)
  • Experienced users may download the smaller binary only (about 500Kb) and unzip. (Does not require .NET Framework.)
  • If running Vista or Windows 7, you will need to download the version posted as 8.18, which is actually 8.17 when you run it (sorry).

Register/Unlock for Free

This program is totally free, after 45 minutes a nag screen appears. I use this to get a good idea of who liked the simulator and found it anywhere near useful. To get a totally free key that gets rid of the nag screen:

  1. Simply download the file called "Registration Key file".
  2. Run the file (ignore the security warning)
  3. Run the simulator.
  1. Type in a registration code (requires verion 8.17)

This simulator is free, if you do like it and want to encourage it's development, please donate using the button in the sidebar to the left:
Really Free? I'm not asking a license because there are some guys out there asking as little as $20 and then never actually improving their offering. By keeping it free, I put pressure on the bigger guys to offer a better product to you. It costs me about £15 and around 150 hours a year to host the website, your donations and bug-reports mean more people benefit.

Download Source

If you have a Subversion client (Tortoise SVN is fine), the code can be retrieved from my SourceForge Project page or by running this incantation. 

svn co modrssim