Allen Bradley protocol icon I drew is not the official icon, but it has a gold chain to represent the RS-LinX product sold by Rockwell Automation.

DF1 Slave Emulation

The DF1 slave simulation has no settings actually.
  • All PLC files (0-250) all have 255 words!
  • No I/O registers etc, just the integer files can be accessed.
PDU (data portion) size Max length of the data in a message frame.

DF1 Master

The DF1 master simulates a JOY SCC386, its a typical master, with pre-defined data changing, hence it is doing DF1 writes all of the time.
This protocol is here just for me, if it's usefull to you or you want to know more, please ask, but I'm not about to make any changes.

This dialog allows settings for the DF1 Master simulation, which emulates a Joy Mining Machinery device

Joy (DF1 Master) settings

  • Destination station: You!
  • Source station: This gets placed into the source field of all messages sen.
  • #Files/Shields: This is the number of roof supports. (number of I/O files to send to slave)
  • Between Trans idle: Delay in milliseconds between 2 messages.
  • SCC timeout: time in milliseconds before the sim times out and tries the next transaction.
  • Issue read requests/ Issue write requests: At least one of these must be ticked to be useful.
  • SCC will run animation variables: The sim simulates the movement of the machine cutter head. (I.e. data values will change)