22 Dec 2009
MSI file released. This was done to get people out of DLL hell, an oversight on my part, anyway, that is now resolved. I have also got some statistics on downloads from a 3rd party file host.

12 Dec 2009
I have decided to take on contracting work and hunt for other permanent work whichever emerges. I am also finally implementing a modbus Master which should be commercially available once completed, together with setting up a paid support/consulting mechanism for the simulator at last. I hope any prospective employer will be impressed by this site.

3 Dec 2009
Additional download Sites Softpedia, and Brothersoft link see sidebar. Quite a few things are in the wings at the moment.

26 Nov 2009
I have had a tiny issue launching the sim reported from a Vista/Windows 7 user on the last release (8.13) - I'd like to hear from users out there (My spare PC died a while back). To get it sorted and some cash-flow back, I'm looking for work.

9 Nov 2009
Softpedia entry awarded, my protocol simulator application has been certified non-malware .

17 Oct 2009
Visual Studio 2008 users can now download updated source off SourceForge, the official home for this project's source. But don't run away, the site is still getting updated with infos (update: completed).

Oct 2009
I am being made redundant, so this project is going to probably see a little activity for a while (I hope it's only a while). Check the ticker to the left. (ticker removed now)

Feb 2009
I am moving my hosting, so if you are seeing this, you are seeing my new location. The content is much easier to update now because I am now using Google sites, but it is also a little less rich., which was not much to start with anyway. It might not sound like much, but I moved to a free host to save money - I really stopped updating the simulator about 3 years ago, so the fact this site is still around is pretty much due to the interest level still today. I am not a business, this site and application is all my own work.